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Cie. Felix Ruckert

Uferstr. 6 | 13357 Berlin
Bro +49 30 47363500 | Fax +49 30, |

Choreograph: Felix Ruckert

Throughout his work Felix Ruckert questions the perception of
living performance, allowing the spectator to play an active role in
the performance and confronting him/her with intense emotional
feelings.This questioning inspired radical, experimental and
controversial propositions that range from interactive experiences
with the audience, to installations or to pieces of pure
choreographic research. Felix Ruckert plays with the usual rules of
a dance performance. He likes to address the audience members
as individuals and to put them, most of the time, in other settings
than frontal and sitting. He often borrows, transforms, transposes
and brings the codes of other well-known human and social
activities into performing spaces: the brothel in Hautnah (1995),
the group ritual in Ring (1999), the slide show in Schwartz (1998),
the visit in a gallery in Stillen (2000), the night-club in deluxe joy
pilot (2000), the underground itineraries of sexuality in SECRET
SERVICE (2002) the party in the Love Zoo (2004) and the
medical treatment in the latest Placebo Behandlung (2005). Strong
concepts, well thought rules-of-the-game and elegant esthetic
give a strong frame to the Felix Ruckert's shows, that allow an
active artistic and emotional input from the performers, the
musicians (music is mostly performed live) as well as a safe cocoon
for the spectators reactions.

In the last five years Felix Ruckert gave a new direction to his work
developing improvisation tools and composition systems that give
a straightforward and pragmatic entrance to his exploration of the
human nature. Projects like Gender Observation (2002) and
Tools(and Tricks for Survival in Outer Space) (2003) commissioned
by the Ballet de l'Opera National du Rhin, MushRoom (2003) and
the recently created Venus in Hanoi or The Art of Getting Lost
(2004) for the National Opera Ballet of Vietnam confirm and
validate this new direction of research: He uses choreographic
constellations and a deep understanding of movement to question
in depth, subjects like intimacy, fantasies, physical and emotional
states. His genuine curiosity is constantly at work towards an
extremely refined and original personal style.

Compagnie Felix Ruckert functions as an international pick up
company, around a solid knot of dancers, performers, musicians
and artists, among them Caroline Allaire, Matthieu Burner, Vidal
Bini, Davide Camplani, Louise Chardon, Robert Clark, Laura
Frigato, Ulrike Haage , Catherine Jodoin, Christian Meyer Mal ,
Tomi Paasonen, Marika Rizzi, Jrgen und Daniela Wedhorn,
Caroline Picard, Delta RA'i , Elettra de Salvo , Liz Young and many

Since 1994 the work has been presented and co-produced by
many international presenters. The company has its home base in
Berlin, developing a special relationship with the Dock 11 , where
new projects are usually produced and presented. Felix Ruckert is
also part of the group 'Napoli 11', that organizes artistic
exchange between the cities of Berlin and Naples.

Since 2004, in collaboration with Caprice Dilba, he curates the
annual workshop and performance event xplore, which researches
and presents performative and ritual forms of sexuality.

Since 1998, Compagnie Felix Ruckert receives support from the
Berlin Senate and benefits from help of the Goethe Institute for its
international tours.

Management: Isabelle Fuchs


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