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Michael Loehr

Goehrener Strae 9
10437 Berlin

Michael Loehr is a contemporary dancer, choreographer and teacher from Berlin, Germany. He studied contemporary dance at the Cologne University of Music and Dance and, on recommendation of the direction, graduated after a shortened duration of study in 2005. Subsequently, he received a scholarship to visit the annual Summer Academy in Kyoto, Japan. Michael joined the repertory companies Tanztheater Bielefeld and Tanzcompagnie Oldenburg where he worked with Rami Beer, Shlomi Bitton, Ingun Bjrnsgaard, Lionel Hoche, Jan Pusch, Jo Strmgren, Guy Weizman & Roni Haver and Gregor Zllig. Since moving to Berlin in 2009 he has been involved in various dance projects with Ahn Eun-Me Company, Alessandra Corti, Clint Lutes, Unterwegstheater Heidelberg as well as collaborating with visual artist and filmmaker Darko Dragičević and fashion designer Patrick Mason. As a longtime collaborator of Emanuel Gat hes been working as a performer, choreographic assistant, rehearsal director and teacher. Michael is touring internationally with different companies and has performed at numerous dance festivals across Europe, Asia, North- and South America.


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