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The shows of Dutch choreographer Arthur Kuggeleyn, established
in Switzerland since 1997, define themselves by lack of compromise.
Challenging conventions, they regularly trigger off astonishment,
fascination, and, for some, discomfort. His controversial works provoke strong reactions.
Through intense collaboration with his dancers, actors and musicians, he has
developed his own choreographic style, based on loops made out of sounds
and visual images and called trance dance. The continuous repetition
of movements and sounds fills the space with energy, unlashing
the scenic process: exhibition of the body and movements, confrontation
between interpreters and spectators, aggression, psychic nakedness, eroticism
and humor. The moving bodys energy and the emphasis on emotions, senses,
movements, hypnosis are always at the centre of his realizations - choreographies,
multimedia shows, or artistic works of the R.A.M.M. Theatre, legendary company
which performed throughout Europe with performances on an industrial scale.
Masters of Complications, DIOS MIO!, Cage Birds are among the most recent milestones of this artistic search in permanent evolution.


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